All Toffee Composer accounts are free and come with member-level access to a single-seat Basic-level team (Home) with author-level access to a single campaign (Default). If you want to collaborate with other team members on your test campaigns, you can purchase Professional or Premium teams. These teams are priced on a per-seat basis.

Basic Teams


Every Toffee account comes with a single-seat Basic team, with a single campaign. With this team you can:

  • Execute all Toffee commands (except screenshots) interactively, using the Composer Workspace
  • Create, save, and run an unlimited number of test scripts
  • Weave manual steps into your test scripts, alongside automated commands, to test those functions that automation cannot easily reach
  • Design your own command libraries using Toffee aliases
  • Connect Toffee Performer to execute tests locally or remotely
  • Execute tests on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, running on Windows, MacOS, or Linux
  • Access forum-based support (coming soon)

Professional Teams

$4.50/seat/month ¹

Professional teams are ideal for late-pipeline acceptance testing, where test results and test evidence are needed to provide clear and timely feedback to the development team. With Professional teams you get all the features of Basic teams, plus you can:

  • Invite up to 200 others to collaborate with you in your testing efforts as team members or organizers
  • Create an unlimited number of test campaigns
  • Assign team members to your campaigns, and control access to edit test scripts, run them, and/or view the results
  • Capture full-screen or browser-only screenshot evidence, store it with your test results, and share it with your team (monthly data transfer out limited to 16GB × # seats)
  • Access email-based support with 24-hour response time

Premium Teams


Premium teams are ideal for acceptance testing applications supporting GxP, or in any other environment where application testing supports compliance-related activities. With Premium teams you can do everything you can do with Professional teams, plus:

  • Query a secure audit trail of changes to your teams, campaigns, scripts, and results.
  • Enjoy unlimited data transfer for screenshot evidence.
  • Download script results, including screenshots, in Adobe PDF format (coming soon).
  • Access priority email- and phone-based support.

¹When purchasing an annual subscription. Month-to-month subscriptions for Professional teams are $5/seat/month

² When purchasing an annual subscription. Month-to-month subscriptions for Premium teams are $100/seat/month.