Testing Push Notifications

Have you ever had test that the actions performed by one user yield the expected real-time impact on a second user? For example:

  • If one user sends an online chat request to another, does the recipient receive an immediate notification?
  • If a user approves a document controlled by a workflow, does the user responsible for the next step in that workflow immediately see the document appear in their inbox?
  • If an administrator revokes a user’s access, is that user’s session cut off immediately?

If you have to test against requirements like these, a testing tool that can only control one browser session at time won’t cut it.

Toffee allows you to control multiple browser sessions at once, and to switch between them with the switch to session command. With Toffee, you can open multiple sessions in multiple browsers, assign each one a name, and then switch between them using the switch to session command.

The animated GIF below (click here to enlarge) demonstrates Toffee testing a chat app. The client on the top right is Chrome, the one on the bottom right is Firefox.

Ping Pong Chat Test
Testing multiple browser sessions in a simple chat application.

Modern web apps push notifications from one user to another all the time. Can your testing tool keep up? If not, sign up for your free Toffee Composer account today.

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