Installing Toffee Performer on MacOS

In response to customer requests, we just released an installer for Toffee Performer for Apple’s macOS. Now you can easily enlist your Macs as testing workstations, and control them with Toffee Composer. The installer includes everything you need to run Toffee Performer, including drivers for controlling Chrome and Firefox. You can also control Safari using the drivers included in recent versions of macOS.

We posted full installation instructions on our wiki. For those who prefer a video tutorial, we have that, too:

(Note that this installer is packaged as a compressed archive, that expands to a folder called ToffeePerformer. This packaging lets us rapidly deliver new versions of Performer to keep pace with the evolution of the browsers we support. It also simplifies un- and re-installation: to install a new version, delete the old directory and download a new one in its place.)

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