Feature Release: Script Composition and More

The Toffee team is pleased to announce significant enhancements to Toffee Composer Early Access. We added:

Script composition: Save the commands you enter in the Composer Workspace as scripts. Store your scripts in the cloud, and edit them with our online script editor.

Script execution: Execute your scripts on any number of test workstations, and view the results of each test run online.

Toffee Performer: You asked for an improved user experience on the client, and we delivered. We renamed Toffee Remote as Toffee Performer, and gave it a graphical user interface. The old command-line interface is still there if you want it, but the new interface makes it easier to start it, stop it, and read its connection status.

A better “getting started” experience: A new installer wizard makes it easy to install Toffee Performer on Windows. Gone is the need to install Java, download multiple Selenium webdrivers, create a credentials file, and enter arcane commands. Simply run the installer, then launch Toffee Performer from the Windows Start menu.

Watch the video tutorial below to start testing with Toffee Composer on Windows in less than five minutes:

We’ll dive into greater depth about other enhancements in future posts.

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