Looking Ahead: Scripts and Manual Test Steps

We are grateful to all who have signed up for Toffee Composer’s online early access edition. We very much value the thoughtful feedback that we have received. If you have not yet created a free account, you can still do so. Follow the instructions on our Getting Started page to learn how easy it is to control remote browsers from a cloud-deployed platform, using simple, readable commands.

Next up: Script Composition

Based on your feedback, our next priority for Toffee Composer Early Access is allowing you to assemble Toffee commands into scripts that you can save, edit, and execute online. This is, of course, a core feature of our Toffee Console service offering, but it requires some modification (simplification, really) to work in an online environment.

On deck: Manual Step Integration

One of Toffee’s unique features is the ability to execute manual steps alongside automated ones. We’ve used this extensively in testing campaigns conducted with Toffee Console, and so we’ve been eager to port this to Composer. Manual tests allow you to test what automation cannot easily reach, such as performing actions outside the browser, or simply checking that the page “looks right.”

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